Announcing Post Card Question and Answers

Introducing Flash Cards For Avìation Study

Study is essential to learn any subject. I am presenting two, boxed sets of index cards with aviation terms on them. The first set will present alphabetically listed terms to enhance a students knowledge of aviation. They are designed to lead anyone who wishes to obtain a licence to fly. A person must be sixteen before they recieve a license.
The information on the card is based on the requirements set up by the Federal Aviation Association. The information is written clearly and simply.
On each card I have a hand drawn a cartoon with motivation sayings. Each image has a motivational saying to encourge the student to keep trying. I have combined a cute drawing and words of encouragement. The sayings and the drawings hopefully bring a smile to students face.
The enphasis on the imerging field if STEM. The acromibe stands for: S- Science T- technology. .. E., engineering. .. M for Math.

My cards will incorperate the ideas expressed in STEM. As a former special education teacher I learned to express my thoughts in an organized simple idea.
Each multiple choice question will be accompied with a answer and an explanation why a, b, or c is the best choice.
The secind box of index cards will highlight the names of women or men who should be known in the field of aviation.

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