Honoring Our Men and Women From Glenview Naval Air Base

Last weekend I had the honor of attending an event called Flight Fest held in Glenview Navy Park. The Naval Air Base opened in 1923 and closed in 1995. In the beginning Hangar One was one of the largest bases in the country. It was the place that many of our great-grandfathers were trained. When it closed in 1995 a non-profit called Hangar One Foundation was formed.
I grew up in the Chicago area and knew very little about this historic place. None of my immediate family was in the military. Well, that’s not true my father’s brother was in the Navy. He died before I was born and I don’t know anything about him. He probably trained at Glenview as many of great-grandfathers were trained.
I my Aunt Vicky never flew at the Glenview Base where the National Air Races were held in the in 1930. Vicky didn’t receive her license until 1931. Bet she was there seeing the exciting race.
The Hangar One Foundation was formed to honor the men and women who were part of the Stations history. Many of these fine men and women died for their country. They needed a way to be remembered.
Now the Foundation need our help.
The Foundations goals are:
1. Move and expand the current museum.
2. Restore and move a FM-2 Wildcat that rolled off the deck of the USS Sable on Dec. 28,1944. It sank into Lake Michigan. The Foundation wants to display this plane at it’s new location.
3. To have a Challenger Learning Center for Space Education. There are 46 Challenger Learning Centers located throughout the world and a center in Glenview would be a realizations of a dream come true.
Go on the site: www.thehangarone.org and
Donate as much as you can to preserve the history of this special community.
If you are not able to donate funds…
Donate your time at the Glenview Naval Museum at: 2040 Lehigh Ave. Glenviews, Illinois


It’s been a pleasure telling you about the basics of this historic place. In further post I will tell you about another fabulous non¬profit.

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