Question and index cards for aviation

Introducing Flash Cards For Aviation Study

Study is essential to learn any subject. I am presenting two, boxed sets of index cards with aviation terms on them. The first set will present alphabetically listed terms to enhance a students knowledge of aviation. They are designed to lead anyone who wishes to obtain a licence to fly. A person must be sixteen before they receive a license.
The information on the card is based on the requirements set up by the Federal Aviation Association. The information is written clearly and simply.
On each card I have a hand drawn a cartoon with motivation sayings. Each image has a motivational saying to encourage the student to keep trying. I have combined a cute drawing and words of encouragement. The sayings and the drawings hopefully bring a smile to students face.
The emphasis on the emerging field if STEM. The letters stand for: S- Science T- technology. .. E., engineering. .. M for Math.

My cards will incorporate the ideas expressed in STEM. As a former special education teacher I learned to express my thoughts in an organized simple idea.
Each multiple choice question will be accompanied with an answer and an explanation why a, b, or c is the best choice.
The second box of index cards will highlight the names of women or men who should be known in the field of aviation. Unfortunately, only one name of aviation pilots is known. That name of course is Amelia Earhart. That’s why my future presentations is entitled, THERE’S MORE THAN AMELIA.

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