Vicky and 5 Men In Contest

plane gambler

Just Plan Gambler

The newspaper The San Francisco Examiner article entitled “Just Plain Gambler” dated September 30, 1931 recounted my aunts brush with fame. She was in a contest with 4 male pilots’ winner making the first flight from Hawaii to San Francisco. The winner would be determined by a throw of dice. One of the five pilots would be the captain of this flight.Vicky was the only woman.The men were Captain J.K.von Altaus, a famous pilot in WW 1 in Germany. Another pilot was Hudson Mead, who operate the Mead and Orr Flying Service. at San Jose airport. The others were J.V Hyde, and G.McCallum. McCallum was her partner in a flying school in Alameda, California. These pilots were very accomplished in their fields and of course drifted into obscurity. If any one knows information about these pilots please let me know.

It would a commercial trip that would be financed by stamp collectors to carry letters. This was the first time air mail was carried from Hawaii to the United States. The plane was called “The Hawaii.” The planned flight would take twenty-two hours.
Two years later Amelia made that flight. This feat added to her fame. Vicky’s fame faded but she still was the first to be in the historic race to push the world of flight to a more advanced level.


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