Picture of Vicky at Tower of Pissa

I have never seen the Tower of Pissa…what a treat it would have been to travel with Vicky. I guess i was born in the wrong decade.tower of pizzaVicky-Cindy and Our Journey

Vicky’s pictures of her travels have no captions or any type of markings so I had to guess the location and year. I know that Ward, Vicky’s husband walked out on her in 1923. I know that because I found an article in the New York Times that described the incident. The date on the article as 1925 and it mentioned that Vick had been searching for Ward for two years. That would make the time of her travels as after 1925. As I had mentioned in previous posts that Vicky would not have been able to travel if her husbands family and the Durant family hadn’t paid her to stay away from her husband. So now her travels were approximately 1926 to 1929, or 1930. The dates are important to understand the crazy times. It was the Roaring 20’s before the crash. Maybe it was somewhat acceptable for a women to travel alone. She was 38 or 39 married but not living with her husband. It must have been a terrible time for Vicky. She was married but she was alone. So it was time for her to travel. Maybe it was really me travelling. I love to travel…meet new people and…learn new ways of living. I stare at Vicky’s pictures and I see a beautiful lady that wanted so much more out of life. I see a lady that was given a raw deed in life. I also see me and her together we deserved to get more out of life. I first met Vicky when I was about six. I never asked her about her travels or her flying. My parents never talked about her because she was The Black Sheep of the Family. My mother really disliked her because of her wild behavior.

As I researched all of Vicky’s paraphernalia and the web I pieced together as much as I could but it is the pictures that attracted me.  I don’t know if I am looking at me or Vicky. We do look somewhat alike but it’s not the resemblance that I see…it’s the sadness in her eyes. I see the needyness…and also the tenacious and adventurous attitude that I see. Or am I dreaming about the person I wish I had become.

I know that the pictures without captions are just pretty pictures to most people but to me they are treasures .


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