The Window Lady

The beautiful window lady was friendly and interesting. I met her in the waiting room at Seattle-Tacoma airport. I love to talk to people but I wish they weren’t all window people. I coined this term many years ago and it means that these are people that pass by your window but you don’t really know them.

This young lady was from Nigeria and spoke perfect English. She is a 4th year student at Loyola University in Chicago. We hit it off right away. She is studying Biology and wants to go to med school next year. She told me that she would have to go home next year. Her student visa would expire. She said that it is difficult to get it renewed…lots of paperwork.

I told her that I was a blogger and gave her my card. I suggested she read, follow and comment on my blog. She read one post before I was called to enter the plane. Before I left I told her my meaning of a window person. Then I said don’t be a window person….she said that she’d try not to be a window person. She smiled at me and I waved and smiled back. I never got her email and I don’t know if she will email or go on my blog.

We all meet so many window people in a lifetime. I wish I could turn her and other window people into friends. I know that’s not possible but this chance meeting with this lady enriched my life. I don’t know why but I felt so close to her. I will have to live with this woman who will probably be nothing more than a window person passing through my life. I feel so blessed to meet window people.

Next time you meet a window person don’t be sad. Treasure that short meeting and be pleased that God put this person in the window of your life. Remember, sometimes window people become acquaintances, than friends. Sometimes they remain window people. Be grateful for all the people that come into your life.

If you are the window person I am talking about I hope that you get back to me.

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