The Museum of Flight Kids Zone

I am not a pilot but I learned so much from the Museum of Flight Kids Zone. This is an area of the museum that has hands on activities for children to learn about aviation.

I went to this area and again learned so much about the forces that make an airplane fly. This big kid named Cindy used everything in the kids zone. It really was a lot of fun.

Any adult or kid that likes science would enjoy this exhibit. It is a permanent exhibit and the material is very well displayed and easy to understand. I am not going into the science of flight but you can go to:  and learn for yourself.

I never liked science or math when I was going to school. Now as a senior I can’t get enough of science information. I may not understand it all but I ask questions and read as much basic science as I can. Thats what having a passion can do. I was so bad in school because of my lack of skills in math and science, Having a passion has raised my self- esteem and helped me have the patience to learn more about subjects I would never care about before.

My passion in aviation has helped me transfer my thoughts into writing that I enjoy and it seems that others like it too.

I have applied for a scholarship to learn to fly and I am learning the answers to the boy scout aviation merit badge. Does that mean I’m going to be a pilot…no it means I am learning information about subjects that I thought I’d never be able to learn.

I urge everyone of you…have a passion and enjoy learning new information. Most of all…enjoy your life and be passionate about living. God gave you this life to believe in yourself. FIND YOUR PASSION AND SMILE, LAUGH, AND BE HAPPY. kidszone


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