The Flight of Cindy-Vicky

The journey of Cindy-Vicky has started. Cindy had a great flight from Chicago to Seattle. It took 5 hours with a smooth take-off and landing. Turbalence was minamal. The free pop was stupendous. Stewardesses were nice and the captains announcements were clear and easy to understand. I was on a 737 and the aisle was very narrow and passengers had to que in the one center aisle to use the facilities. Not a major problem but more room between the rows would have made the ride more comfortable.
The window seat gave me a wonderful view of billowy clouds. I love looking out the window and having the view of the world as it goes by. I read a book on my tablet when I wasn’t looking through the window. Talking to my seat made the flight so enjoyable.
In other words the flight was just great. Going is always more pleasant than going home.
My twin Vicky taking the same trip would have a very different flying .


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