Why I am Vicky

I know that many people feel close to a relative. For me it’s different. I don’t feel close to
Vicky I know that I am Vicky. I don’t know why I feel this way but I am not a clone or a twin but I know that I am Vicky. I’m adventurous, tenacious and ready to take a chance. I never rode a motorcycle, only rode a horse at day camp but in my own way I was Vicky. See if you see me through Vicky.
This blog is an outline of the way I found out about me. Afer my dad died I open the suitcase that had all Vicky memorabilia found her address book and wrote 100 letters to everyone hoping to find someone who knew of Vicky. I received only 4 replies.Those just said they didn’t know her. I then wrote to any paper that had an address on it. I wrote to her doctors, beautician, landlord and anyone I could think of. Why am I telling you this? Well, I just wanted to remember all the research I did. Research makes me realize how long ago this was.

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