Vicky wasn’t famous but. ……

Everyone is famous in some way.  I wrote some of the accomplishments of her flying days. I will tell you more but it’s her spirit that makes her so special. She broke the rules that were expected for women. That’s the kind of women that thrills me. Vicky followed her passion now its my turn.

I have divided my story of Vicky into three parts. I only know her early years through her paraphernalia. If I repeat some of this information I’m sorry but I just fees tilled with her accomplishments.

1. Vicky was a graduate of Roosevelt Field Flying School in Mineola, Long Island New York. This was the same field as Lindbergh, and Amelia. Most of te famous flights in th 30’s were out of Roosevelt Field.  It was the most modern field at the time.  Mineola became know as the “Hot Bed” of Aviation during the Golden Age of Aviation” during the 30’s.  I will tell you more about Roosevelt Field later. Now I want to continue to tell you more about Vicky’s accomplishments.

2 Vicky participated in the Miami Ll American Air Race.

3. She owned a flying school .

4. She also had a flying school in Juneau, Alaska.

5. She vied with 4 men for a race from  Honolulu to San Francisco in 1931.

6. She was an honorary member of the New York Ariel Police.

7. Vicky was a member of the Air Pilots Association.

8. She drove a midget car New York to Cleveland.

9  Vicky was a member of the Aviation Country Club at PalWaukee Airport.

10. Now I go in the way back machine to 1925 when Vicky married a wealthy man named Ward Lederer. This was the beginning of life in the fast lane for Vicky.










3 thoughts on “Vicky wasn’t famous but. ……

  1. Hi Cindy, I am a friend of Bruce’s in Seattle. He sent me your Blog website and I found it very interesting and informative. My wife,Lee, and I look forward to your visit next week.
    Abe Kriger

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