Todays New Amelia

This summer Amelia Rose Earhart television reporter recreated the flight of her namesake Amelia Earhart. This time the flight was completed. Before the flight she must have had people asking her about her name. This Amelia is no relation to THE AMELIA.
Amelia Rose thought of changing her name to Amy but at 24 this Amelia took flying lessons and decided to do the impossible. She would fly the same route that Amelia never completed. It was quite a challenge but Amelia Rose was the youngest woman to fly around the world. I was a mammoth undertaking. 24,0000 and took nine days.
Amelia Rose feels so positive about her flight. She feels her name is just a coincidence but she is very positive about her achievement.
If you have a famous name lead your own life but don’t be upset if you aren’t the famous namesake.

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