Going Back To Raymere

Filing in some information about Raymere, the Durant family and life at the mansion. I will catch up with Vicky’s travels and then the next exciting phase of her life. I am backtracking because it  makes Vicky’s story  more interesting. I have some interesting information  that I found in the book “Around Deal Lake” by Marie A. Sylvester (Arcadia 1998). There is a picture of Raymere The caption says:”This is Raymere, the stately French-influenced mansion of  General Motors founder William C. Durant.” Some of this information I have mentioned before but looking at the home makes you realize its magnificent. The home was near the Jersey shore and was one of the most valuable in Deal Beach. Huge amounts of money was spent on decorating and the parties were the most extravagant in the community.  Vicky and Ward visited often even though Vicky, Catherine and Durants mother never got along well. When  my father came to Raymere he found opulence in every direction. Huge dinner parties were the norm. Vicky was very athletic and played golf and swam at Raymere. William and Catherine belonged to thirteen golf clubs. The pools were large and surrounded by beautiful flowers, statues and fountains. My father told me that Vicky was such a good swimmer that she swam out to the Michigan Avenue Crib. She, also was a member of the Polar Bear Club. Those brave souls swam in the winter. The home was near the Jersey shore Durant bought the home in 1920 and remained there till 1940. As I mentioned before it was torn down in 1951. It’s amazing that it took seven weeks to tear down the home.


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