Louise Thaden: Lady You Should Know

These are the reasons you should know Louìse Thaden
1. Winner of the Powder Puff Derby
2. Three major records: endurance, altitude, and speed. Only woman to hold these records at the same time.
3. Air to air refueling 78 times
4. Worked with The Air Commerce Department to develop a program called Air Marking. This was a unique program where barns and tall buildings were painted with the name of the town. This was a tremendous aid to pilots because there were no navigation equipment at the time.
5. Won the Harmon Trophy…the most coveted award in aviation.
6. Won the Bendix Cup race in 1936. This was a the first time a woman had won this race.
7. She was one of the few women to hold a transport license.
8. Co-founder of the women’s aviation group called The 99’s. This group is still in existence today.
9. Only women in the Derby to write a book about experiences in the race. “High, Wide and Frightened” by Louise is a fabulous read.
10. Crossed the finish line in the wrong direction. She didn’t even realize she had one the race.


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