Participants In The Powder Puff Derby

1. Florence L. Barnes

2. Marvell Crosson

3. Amelia Earhart

4. Ruth Elder

5. Claire Fahy

6. Editn Foltz

7. Mary Haizlip

8. Opal Kunz


10. Ruth Nichols

11.. Blanche Noyes

12.Gladys O’Donnell

13.Phoebe Omalie

14. Neva Paris

15. Margaret Perry

16.. Thea Rasche

17.. Louise Thaden

18.. Bobbi Trout

19. Mary Von Mach

20. Vera Walker

You probably think that Amelia Earhart won the derby. She came in  3rd. surprised?

I will tell you about the trials and triumphant of these fabulous women in my next post..

3 thoughts on “Participants In The Powder Puff Derby

    • Thank you for your comments to my post. I really love posting to my blog. Telling the story of my aunt and the culture of the

      30’s. Hope to here from you soon. FOLLOW, COMMENT, and enjoy the stories of vintage aviation.

  1. This race was held in 1929 two years before my aunt had a license to fly. I’ll bet she was in the crowd watching the ladies arrive in Cleveland. What a sight that must have been.

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