Vicky Hopes To Win Contest

The newspaper clipping from the San Francisco examiner in 19    entitles “Just Plane Gambler” was appropriate for Vicky. Her life was one big gamble. She was always willing to take a chance. That’s why I admired her. Guts and determination were her DNA. This article recounted Vicky’s brush with fame.

She would vie with five men to win the honor of being the pilot on a historic trip from Honolulu to San Francisco.  This flight would be in November of 31. The plane would be built in Hawaii and it would be a business trip and financed by stamp collectors. They would be charged money to carry letters for them. This flight would be the first air mail flight from Hawaii to the mainland.

I was so ecstatic. Now I knew that Vicky was famous. I was certain that she would win the toss of the dice. She would be chosen to make this flight.

I went to the library to find more information about this flight. I was sure that the story would make the front page of every paper. NOTHING….NOTHING! No report at all. Remember my research was in 1986 before internet searches.

I asked the research librarian to help me. Finally, she found this article on microfilm.

The article was from the New York Times. This was a copy of  another article about the flight. K read the article aid saw all the names. Vicky’s name was missing. How could Vicky do this to me.

I believed that Vicky  was famous and of course, made this flight. I never did find out who won. Maybe the backers ran out of money. I do know that Amelia Earhart made that flight 1n 1937. At least Vicky had a chance.

I still believed that Vicky was my famous aunt that was a pilot in the 30’s. Not many people can claim that fact.

In my next post I will tell you about an unusual group of wealthy pilots that were members of the Aviation Country Club. As I said before not everyone was begging for a dime

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