Airplanes and The Gospel


The beginning of the aviation age brought out some unusual beliefs. One was “The winged Gospel.” This phrase meant that flying brought you closer to God. Some people thought that the airplane would change the world. There would be no sickness and no war. Of course, the airplane didn’t stop wars or sickness. But the belief persisted . Oddly, people believed that God was in the sky and so was the airplane.

This gospel of the belief in the airplane was furthered  by preachers saying that a new age was coming. This new age would bring a kind of peace that people had never experienced before. They felt that anyone up in the sky must be receiving direction from God. These directions explained that man could be stronger, kinder and more serene. This would happen as their belief in God increased.

Many people thought that the airplane would bring everyone together quicker and easier. Some even believed that people in different countries could get along better. An understanding of others was one of the tenets of this unusual belief. unfortunately, “The winged  Gospel.” Belief waned as people realized that wars were still going on. Many crashes and the deaths of pilots and passengers convinced believers that the theory didn’t bring peace or understanding of others,.Some felt that the peace they hoped for would take a long time to come.

I personally feel closer to God when I am flying.  Up in the air I have time to think and dream. Sometimes by the end of the trip I have concrete dreams. I think of a way to make these dreams come true. I don’t believe in “The Winged Gospel” but it’s nice to dream that maybe being closer to God is where I need to be. The airplane is just one way to be closer. Everyone can be up in their imaginary airplane and dream of ways to make a better world.Maybe this phrase isn’t so ridiculous. Maybe we should all find our own way to be closer to God. If you don’t believe in God just find your own way to make our world better.

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