Womens Passion

Society set rules for womans choices. Some women like Vicky broke  those rules. They followed their dreams to soar high. They were derby participants,  sold planes, even plane mechanics. Men believed that women were not physically fit to fly and still believed they belonged in the kitchen. Men wouldn’t acknowledge that women had to have the same skills as men. Women pilots  needed to make quick decisions and rely on herself.

There was no one to dicta to them when they were up in the air.Pilots

needed to make quick decisions and  rely on herself not others.

women pilots faced opposition from family and male pilots. They struggled due lack of money in their own name. They needed money to buy a plane, and to enter races.

The 30’s were the era of air racing. That meant women were in the competition as well as men.

Women were going to fly no matter what the obstacles.  Men had maajor concerns about their women as pilots. They just didn’t think it was safe for women to fly.

The papers of the day were filled with stories of crashes. The papers don’t talk about the thousands of hours of uneventful flights. They don’t talk about the reasons for these accident. It should be mentioned that ninety per cent, of all accidents occurred during stunt flying, sightseeing, and independent flying by unlicensedpilots.” (OUR GIRLS ARE FLYING NOW/Modern Mechanix, http://blog.moder mechanix.com)

If women have instructions from a highly regarded school she is as safe as a man who flies. Once a women receives her license opportunities open for her. If a woman can pass the physical text that is required by the Department of Commerce there is no reason that a women can’t fly as well as a man.

There are several areas that women can enter in aviation. There are more jobs available in the business end of aviation…like selling planes…or teaching other women to fly.

Many women of this era become pilots for recreation.  They just love to fly. Unfortunately,  it is more difficult for women to find jobs in the field of aviation than men. This is due to the stereotype of women as frail not mechanical.

Women who learned to fly develop a mind that is independent resourceful.  She  doesn’t need to take orders from anyone. These new thoughts and behaviors are needed as a pilot but also as wife, and a mother. Her entire life changes. This new women has changed for the better. It is amazing  but a woman who becomes a pilot feels freedom that she has never felt before.

In my next post I will discuss the term, ” The Winged, Gospel.”  This is a cultural term that fascinates me. It describes the way many people felt about planes. As a “Plane Nut” I felt that I needed to explain how I and others looked at the miracle of flight.

I hope that you will read this next post and follow me in this exciting adventure of flight.

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3 thoughts on “Womens Passion

  1. Impressive research, Cindy. It’s also impressive that you have it all documented in a blog. Compulsive adventuresome people lead such interesting lives and it is fun to read about them.

    • I have over 3,000 pages of research. I started researching when my dad died in 1986. I received my aunts paraphernalia and I started researching. I really enjoy telling Vicky’s story.
      I will be telling the story of other pioneer women pilots.The only one that is know is Amelia. My mission is to tell the general public that there were many more…in 1931 there were 434.
      Thank you for reading the exciting story of these brave women.Enjoy the continuing stories and let me know what you think.

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