Freedom In The Skies For Women

I feel so free when I am flying. Women in the 30’s felt so limited by their sex. They were tied to the kitchen and wifely duties Many women today enjoy those duties. In the 30’s many women felt the excitement of the era. This excitement was called “airmindedness.” It started with Lindbergh and  women caught this feeling. I think Vicky was one that was caught up in this feeling.

I don’t think that many women of this decade believe that they could  make a living in aviation. There were few jobs for women. Many went into sales of airplanes but the more adventurous like Vicky chose to enter the field of air racing. In order to fly in a race required characteristics that weren’t required of women before. This is how flying changed women. Before women relied on her husband to make most of the  decisions in the marriage. Women now had to be self-reliant and believe herself to make important decisions for herself and her family. This was new to most women.

Margery Brown said “Under no other circumstance must one rely so utterly upon oneself as when high above the earth alone.”

A women pilot must think independently and make quick decision on her own.” Margery said, 3A woman flying solo three thousand feet above the earth, with the motor gone suddenly dead, can’t turn around and ask what she should do about it.” She must decide by herself what to do for herself and others.

This independent thinking is the way flying is changing women. It certainly is a good feeling to be so strong and certain of your decisions. I know the feeling of independence is something that the era of the 30’s helped change women.

My next post will discuss the statement is flying safe for women. Women were beginning to become pilots in greater numbers. The thought still lingered “What if….there was a crash. I will explain that flying was no more dangerous for men than it was for men.



One thought on “Freedom In The Skies For Women

  1. Looks like the makings of a good book. Have you ever thought about publishing this story, Cindy? It is quite fascinating!

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