Change is In The Air As Women Fly

My Aunt Vicky learned to fly in 1930.  After reading an article by pilot and writer Margery Brown I found many similarities between the two women. I wonder if they had the same challenges learning to fly. Both women were very short…Vicky five feet one and Margery was four feet eleven inches tall. They both learned on the old World War 1 Jenny, or JN-4, a trainer plane used during the war.

The article is a description of why women fly and how flying changed women. Every word is a tribute to women’s courage and tenacity. Men made this occupation difficult but women pushed to learn and soar. Margery was asked why she learned to fly and replied “half-way between the earth and sky, one seems to closer to God. There is a peace of mind and a satisfaction which walls cannot give. When I see an airplane flying I just ache all over to be up in the air.” I don’t know if Margery is speaking to me or if it is my own voice. Maybe, it’s Vicky’s. I took one introductory flight lesson and just loved it.  Last month I applied for a scholarship to learn to fly. I won’t know until next year if I get it. Hope so. Not too many other women in my age group applied. I have a chance and I can learn. That’s another story too. I was thinking of applying for the girl scout merit badge in aviation. If I were allowed I’d be the oldest scout to get that badge. Another time..another story. Do you see why I’m like Vicky and Margery? Again I’m just A PLANE NUT.” In tomorrow’s post, I will continue to tell you how “Flying Is Changing Women. In the 1930’s.  If you could ask your Great or Great great Grandmothers you know that I am right. Come and learn the tremendous change in women. BLUE SKIES TO ALL…TILL TOMORROW.


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