Why Did Vicky Learn To Fly?

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That’s a question I can’t completely answer, I do know what influenced her. She had the money formlessons even to buy her own plane. She was adventureos, and fearless. Vicky learned to fly in 1930.  Remember it was only a few years since Lindberghs famous flight. Everyone wanted to be a pilot.

I don’t how Vicky’s parents reacted to the news that Vicky was learming to fly. I never knew my grandparents on my fathers side. They passed away before I was born.

Vicky was the black sheep of the family. Also, Vicky as forty years old when she learned to fly. She was much older then other women pilots.

There are many reasons why it was difficult for women to learm to fly. Most men didn’t want to teach women to fly. Some women had to go to  Europe to learn. Framce and Germany had many women pilots. The United States seemed to lag behind Europe. But that  would soon change. Some women became pilots because their hhusbands were pilots in the war. When the war ended men became barnstormers and often gave rides to people.  Wives started to work with their husbands in their new flying business. Women became very interested in flying by themselves.  Some women wanted to bring excitement into their lives. A few came from the theater and they looked at flying as a new way to publicize their careers.

Vicky and  many other women participated, in air races in the 1930’s. They all flew for the excitement of flight but they always had to fight sexism from the male pilots. The women always had to prove that they were as competent as the male pilots. Many women, like Vicky, followed their passion into a mans world and proved that they could believe in themselves.

Most men didn’t want their wives to fly. Lindbergh and Amelia were superstars but the average woman didn’t have the money or the support of their families. Ma

gazines were publishing articles about women pilots.  Read in my next post how flying is changing women. My friends don’t believe that there were many women pilots in the 1930’s. They know Amelia and thats all. They realized tha women didn’t only belong in the kitchen. Come al

ong for the next exciting ride and learn about the new woman.m


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