Roosevelt field the most unique flying Field


Vicky flew out of Roosevelt Field…the most famous flying field in the country. She made friends with Bert Acosta, a well-known pilot in the 20’s and 30’s. This field was the hot bed of aviation. Did this make Vicky famous…no. but she did have some accomplishments that I will tell you about in future posts.

Today I would like to tell you about Roosevelt Field.  Back in the day it was a flurry of activity. It was located in Mineola, New York.  You could see famous fliers there every weekend. They produced airshows and offered rides to anyone adventurous to go up in the air. They hoped these people would also take flying lessons. Teachers were very reluctant to teach women. Some women had to go to Europe to learn.  By the time Vicky took her lessons I guess it was allowed. According to Vicky’s memorabilia she passed her flying tests with scores of 85 and 90. The American public soon learned that some women could fly as good as men. Back to the story of Roosevelt Field.  Races were held often at Roosevelt Field.  I don’t know if Vicky participated in them but I know that the field was always crowded with fliers and people out for some excitement.  The audience could view acrobatic stunts scary and  unique. It had balloon bursting contests,  plane fights and even men jumping out of planes as everyone gasped in fear for the flier. Roosevelt Field was the only civilian airport that had all this activity. The field had its own newspaper, radio station, and hotel. I know that Vicky stayed at the Roosevelt Field Hotel. It had single and double rooms. and the second floor was used as a ballroom and banquet hall. In good weather I can see Vicky drinking and eating on the terrace looking over the field. It was quite a place. Vicky was still  living the high life she had with Ward and the Durants. This life was far from the sadness of the Depression.   RF parking permit 1931 - Copy


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