Vicky Learned To Fly. ..WHY


Vicky learned to fly in 1930 and received her Private License in 1931. it was only four years since America’s first celebrity made his historic flight. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight from Roosevelt Field in Mineola, New York to Paris, France,. He was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. Whn h returned to New York everyone turned out to honor him. Thousands of people turned out to greet him. Maybe Vicky was in that crowd.

The world became crazy for flight. Everyone wanted to be up in the air. Vicky was one of them. In 1930 she took flight lessons atCurtiss-Wright Flight School at Roosevelt Field. This field became the hub for famous flights. Vicky was one of the many who wanted to fly out of this historic field.

Join me in my next post at Roosevelt Field.

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