Vicky Continues To Travel

Vicky made the right decision to taVicky's travelske the family movicky on camelney. She enjoyed living high and traveling was the perfect way for he Vicky loved to move in the fast lane. She owned a motorcycle and rode it often. She owned and rode her own horse. I remember seeing her horse’s saddle in our basement. Sailing to Europe she dressed sexy and looked great with her Marcelle hair. Vicky wasn’t the average woman of the 30’s.  This was the Depression yet Vicky was having fun. All I know about her trips are from the pictures. . Look at the Power-Point and you’ll see Vicky in China sitting in front of a plaque that appears to be honoring Sun-yet-sen, the first president and founder of The Republic of China in 1912. Another picture shows Vicky riding a camel. I think she is in Egypt. She still looks elegant here. Vicky is sitting in a cafe in Rome. She wears the same clothes in most pictures. I love her Cloche hat. It was very stylish in the 30’s. The Tower of Pisa is a perfect place for Vicky to relax. Again her fabulous fur coat and that Cloche hat. I value these pictures and wish I could have been with Vicky on her trips. I am sure that she had a wonderful time even though she was alone. She would never have traveled like this if it weren’t for her decision. I’m sure she misses Ward even though she was so hurt that he walked out on her. He even had the nerve to marry again without divorcing her. What a horrible situation but Vicky jumped over the it and went on with her life. In my next post I will tell you about Vicky’s thrilling life after her travels. It will be hard to believe that this petite woman could accomplish what she did in this next phase of her life. Most women would be sitting home. This wasn’t for Vicky. Her incredible spirit and adventurous nature would never follow that ordinary path. See what Vicky is up to in my next post.


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