Vicky’s Decision

Vicky had a decision to make. It was a very hard decision. Would she take the money that the families offered and find a job. Vicky was very impulsive

 and wanted to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. She didn’t listen to directions well. If she took the money she would be able to live the same lifestyle as she did when she was with Ward. She was scared because she would never see Ward again. She loved him but she also loved the lifestyle he provided. Vicky’s family wouldn’t support her because they never approved of Ward.

There were few jobs now especially for women. Maybe she  could sell cars again. She was a good, car salesperson but she only got the job because of Mr. Durant and Ward. Maybe she could get a job in a department store.  Vicky was small and stylish. Every woman wanted those jobs.

Vicky thought about her future and worried that she wasn’t officially married or divorced.  Who would support her?  Vicky made the only decision that made sense. She decided to take the  money. It was an enormous amount after “The Crash”. I don’t know how much she received but I know that she would be able to live more than comfortably.

Read my next post to see what she did kn the next phase of her life. She sure made the right decision. She would be pleased with her choice the rest of her life.


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