New life for Vicky may not be all negative


Vicky looked for Ward for,two years. Then she called the police but still no success. She was so sad, and disgusted, that she decided to, accept the money that the Durant, and Lederer family offered.  She really had been living the highest life and didn’t want to live any differently. She wouldn’t have the status she had as a Lederer or the high life she had at Raymere. At Raymere the parties were fun beyond belief.  Vicky loved to drink, dance and sing. Ward was more reserved. That let Vicky free to do what she wanted. At Raymere parties Vicky danced and danced the night away. Vicky knew all that was gone now, but she knew that a new life would begin. She didn’t have to, tell anyone about Ward. He was out of her life now.

Vicky’s first thought was to book passage to Italy. If you have read my other blogs I included a Power-Point presentation that included pictures of Vicky traveling all over the world. She went alone to Europe,, Asia, and the Middle East. This was unusual for a women in the 20’s.

I will tell you more about her travels in my next post. I wish I knew more about her travels but the pictures had no captions. So I had to interpret them for myself.

After her trips she became more ambitious. I see myself though this unique women. Smile, laugh and see yourself as a person who loves life and someone who wants to be happy.

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