Ward walks out now what for Vicky

Vicky and Ward were married in 1920 and just five years later he  walked out of their Manhatten 5th. Avenue and Vicky never saw him again. She called the police and she made a missing person report. The police were not successful in finding him so Vicky went off and looked for him on her own. She heard that he was in San Diego but she never found  him there,. Then she found out that he was in Texas, She was horrified that he had remarried. Vicky didn’t want to see him again when she found out the disgustung news from Wards mother. 

Wards family and the Lederer family offered Vicky money if she would stay away from Ward. Catherine and Billy were all

 part of this mess. Vicky didn’t want any part of this offer till she thought about her furture. Vicky’s family had no money and they would’t support her anyway. 

Vicky considered taking the money. She didn’t want to see Ward again and she felt she deserved to live the high life. She and Ward had been arguing about money for a year. Vicky believed that Ward had money he was hiding from her. Ward wanted a divorce but Vicky wouldn’t giive him one because he was hiding  money from her. I guess that’s why Ward walked out.

Like any smart, adventureous women Vicky took the money and had a fantastic time spending it. Mom and dad always said that Vicky went through money like water and that that she was always broke. I used to hear my parents arguing about money. Years later I found  out that dad was supporting Vicky.


Sorry, I’m gettng off track. After Ward left Vicky she did what any fun loving women would do. She spent the money in the wildest ways.

Read my blog tomorrow. Enjoy yourself as you read about Vicky’y new life.









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