I am finally back posting. I’ve been sick. I am so glad to talk about what I love. 

I know nothing about Vicky’s life in Chicago. So, I will start my story when she gets married in 1925 to Ward Lederer in Y

onkers, New York. He was from a wealthy Jewish family in Jackson City, Michigan.The story gets Interesting when Wards sister, Cafherine, marries William C. Durant. I can see Vicky drinking, dancing and singing in this little home. Remember this was the Roaring 20’s. Durant was the founder of General Motors and  the Durant Motor Car Company. 


In 1917 Durant boughtt his home from the widow of Jacob Rothchild. It was located in Deal Beach, New Jersey. This community was an enclave of the wealthy. Many people built there homes on Long Island but Durant wanted the seaside resorts found in Deal.


The home was called Raymere had twelve master bedrooms and 37 rooms. It certainly had enough room for Vicky and Ward to come for lavish parties. Vicky loved to drink her favorite drink Couvosier and dance for hours. Ward and Vicky did more than dance the night away. They sold Durant cars in New Jersey and Massachusetts.  In fact, Vicky was the only woman car salesperson. That fits Vicky because later she drove midget cars in races.

Raymere is long gone but during the 20’s it was the place for exquisite parties My dad told me about his visits to Raymere and said that he didnt know which spoon to use at the dinner parties.. The good times didn’t last due to the Crash and The Great Depression. Durant lost his billions and everyone’s lifesyle changed. Raymere was torn down in 1951. 


In my next post I will discuss the end of Vicky’s mariage and the beginning of her new and exciting life.















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