Every letter I sent to find the life of Vicky

I went through Vicky’s address book and wrote each person listed in the book. I did this with “snail mail”
I only received four replies. Those people didn’t remember Vicky.
In these letters I listed some facts of Vicky’s life.
1.She was the only Jewish woman pilot in 1931.
2.She flew out of the same flying field as Lindbergh. This field was Roosevelt field.
3.She had a flying school in Alameda, California and Juneau, Alaska.
4.Vicky was an honorary member of the New York Ariel Police.
5.She earned her private license in 1931.
6.Vicky married Ward Lederer. He was related to William C. Durant. Ward walked out on Vicky and I found out he remarried before he was divorced from my Aunt.
I said that Vicky was very special to me and that she had no children. My parents were gone so there was no one to ask about Vicky.
When I was six Vicky lived with my family but all I remember is her horse saddle in the basement. I also remember my mom’s dislike of my aunt.

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