The Backstory of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart,Amelia Earhart was a great pilot and spokesperson for women. Her notoriety  was helped by her publicist/husband. He pushed her to great heights and pushed other women out of the spotlight. I am not trying to bash Amelia. She certifiable deserved all of the accolades that she got, but other women should have also been in that category.  I plan to tell you how Amelia was promoted; the wonderful aspects of her career, and the parts of her career that were done through her publicist. A common misconception with Amelia is that she was the first person to fly over the Atlantic ocean. The back story to this is that actually, she was a passenger on that first flight, not the pilot. On her second flight, she was the actual pilot.  Then, I will tell you about the other women who are not remembered today.



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